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The Quality Supplier

Washington Alloy has been providing the welding industry with an unparalleled variety of quality products, ranging from mild steel welding wire and electrodes to highly-refined specialized alloys for the aerospace industry for a quarter century. In order to efficiently serve our loyal customers our offices and warehouse distribution centers are strategically located across the United States:

  • Charlotte, North Carolina - call (888) 522.8296 or fax (704) 598.6673
  • Dayton, Ohio - call (888) 522.8296 or fax (704) 598.6673
  • Stafford, Texas - call (281) 313.6320 or (877) 711.9274 or fax (281) 313.6332
  • West Coast - call (800) 830.9033 or fax (909) 291.4586

Our knowledgeable associates are available to answer your questions and expedite your orders!

A-Z: Growing With Our Customers

In 1983, when Washington Alloy started out, our product line consisted primarily of mild steel MIG wire. Today, our offerings are vast and include everything from Aluminum to Zirconium alloy welding wires, rods, coated electrodes, hard facing, flux, accessories and more.

As a company we are dedicated to continuing to grow with our customers, expanding our product line and continuing to maintain the strictest quality control with all of our products.