CASCADE 17T & 17M Cast iron wires

AWS A5.15 Class ERNi-Cl

Cascade 17T and 17M can be used in any position. Produces high-quality welds with a minimal amount of effort. Weld deposits are strong, dense, and fully machinable. The color will match that of cast iron. High nickel alloy bare wire for TIG or MIG cast iron welding.


Cascade 17T and 17M are the TIG (17T) or MIG (17M) equivalents to Cascade 17A. Developed primarily for automatic and semi-automatic welding of ductile, malleable or gray cast iron to itself or to dissimilar metals such as low alloy and carbon steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, MonelR, etc. Cascade 17T and 17M are excellent for the buildup of worn parts, repairing machining errors or defective castings where maximum machinability of the deposit is required.

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