Cast iron wires

AWS A5.15 Class EniFe-Cl

A premium quality 55% Nickel – 45% Iron bare wire for TIG or MIG welding of cast iron components to themselves or to steel. Cascade 18T and 18M contain sufficient levels of carbon which promote the formation of graphite in the weld deposit, thereby reducing shrinkage stresses and in turn, reducing the possibility of heat-affected zone cracking. Weld deposits are machinable using normal methods but can be made easier by stress relieving the part at approximately 1100oF.

(in.) .035 .045 1/16 3/32 1/8
(mm) 0.9 1.2 1.6 2.4 3.2
10 lb. And 30 lb. Spools – 0.35, 0.45, 1/16.
36” straight lengths – .035, .045, 1/16, 3/32, 1/8.
(10 lb. Tubes/50 lb. Master carton)


Cascade 18T and 18M are the TIG and MIG equivalents of Cascade 18A (coated electrodes). Developed for high deposition and greater welding efficiency using automatic or semi-automatic equipment. Cascade 18T/18M is excellent when doing large scale production welding of ductile (nodular) cast iron, malleable cast iron or gray cast iron to themselves or to carbon and low alloy steel. Preheating is generally not needed unless welding heavier and thicker castings. More common uses include the repair of thick and highly restrained weldments, worn or broken parts, and for salvaging defective castings that require the higher tensile strength of steel, such as found in castings containing phosphorus levels greater than 0.20%.

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