Chamfer Rod

Chamfer Rods are used for gouging, beveling and veeing out of excess metal in ferrous and nonferrous materials. This rod is most commonly used for removing old weld metal and sharp edges prior to subsequent welding operation. USA Chamfer Rods may be used with little or no oxygen/air present. Our Chamfer Rods may be used with AC or DC- (straight polarity) on any welding machine. Use the recommended amperage and hold the electrode at a low angle 10-15°, pushing it forward while applying slight pressure on the work piece. One pass will produce a clean groove, removing material equal to the diameter of the rod itself. Deeper grooves may be attained by making multiple passes. These rods will produce a “blowing action” which removes all your unwanted materials (including dirt, grease, oil, rust etc.) from the base metal. It acts as a welding rod in reverse needing no gases or special equipment such as an air compressors or specialized electrode holder. Typical metals maybe Steels, low alloy steels, Stainless Cast Irons, Aluminum, and even copper base grades of base metals. DC – gives the fastest and cleanest of the two polarities.