Deox copper alloy no. 189

AWS A5.7 Class ERCu
AWS A5.27 Rcu

Washington Alloy DEOX Copper is a 98% copper filler metal used for MIG, TIG, and oxyacetylene welding of copper and copper-alloyed base metals. DEOX Copper contains small amounts of phosphorus and silicon which act as the deoxidizing agents to promote sound weld joints. Washington Alloy DEOX Copper is easy flowing and produces weld deposits that are porosity-free, electrically conductive and the color will match that of copper. 

The oxyacetylene gas flame must be neutral or slightly oxidizing. Tip size must be one to two sizes larger than the base plate. Preheating should be done only if the part is thick. A boric acid or borax flux is recommended.


Excellent for joining copper to mild steel, for overlaying steel, and for the fabrication of copper pipes, tanks, and copper fittings.

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