Everwear 800

Rockwell C 62-65

Everwear 800 is a hardsurfacing electrode used for severe abrasion, light impact and corrosion resistance. This electrode produces an extremely hard martensite-structure weld deposit which is not machinable in the “as- welded” condition. Everwear 800 is commonly used on mill hammers, bucket teeth, valve seats, mixers, crusher rolls, tamper rollers and other mild steel, carbon or alloy steels as well as manganese steels.

Use AC or DC+. Preheating is not required except on alloy steels. Using a short gap and a weaving technique, deposit two layers. If more than two passes are required, use Ten- sileweld or Buildup 300 to provide a padding layer prior to using Everwear 800.

Everwear 800 will lay down a smooth, corrosion resistant weld deposit which will remain extremely hard even at elevated temperatures.

Hardness as deposited: RC 62-65

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