It’s no secret that today’s fabricators have an array of options when choosing the brand and product they implement into their daily workflow(s). Performance, efficiency, versatility, and cost all play a role in the decision process. Sure, if budget were no issue one could simply choose their favorite wire and burn it away. What if there were an option that not only performs at the highest end of the spectrum but saves you money? In this article, we will explore what makes Washington Alloy Co’s Flux Cored Wire’s cost/value analysis one that simply can’t be ignored! 

The Ultimate Workhorse

Let’s face it, time equals money. Cutting down on the time it takes to complete one job means you’re that much closer to moving on to the next one. The main goal when developing our line of flux cored wire was to deliver a high-performance wire to users that were looking to gain efficiency without sacrificing quality. Washington Alloy’s Flux-cored wire does just that by cutting down on prep time. Imagine addressing a repair job in the field with the ability to penetrate light rust, paint, or galvanized metals with minimal prep and eliminating the need to rework! It’s also highly versatile in allowing the user to attack out-of-position welds with ease making it a go-to option for shipyards, fabrication shops, and other types of manufacturing.

The wide parameter range of our wire sets it apart from some of the more recognizable brands on the market, giving it the ability to run hot and fast, cutting through rust, paint, galvanizing, and mill scale, or, tuned down to perform quality spec welds on thinner materials without burn-through.

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Realworld application

Sure, we can throw out all the fancy claims but what it comes down to is how the wire performs, period. We tested our wire side-by-side against the top flux-cored wire brands on the market today.  Washington Alloy Flux-Cored Wire outperformed in almost every category, in cost and efficiency, from travel speed, penetration, deposition rate, parameter range, spatter, bead appearance, prep work, and clean-up. And comes at a better price proposition, to boot.

Washington Alloy Flux Cored Wired delivers on a special value proposition that delivers top-notch results and an unbeatable price. To learn more about our flux-cored line of products visit us at www.washingtonalloy.com/fluxcored or call……. for more info.

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