Hardface 700

Rockwell C 58-62

Hardface 700 is our most popular hardsur- facing electrode used for severe abrasion and considerable impact. Weld deposits have a martensitic structure that resists wear even in Metal-to-metal mild steel contact. Hardface 700 is most commonly used on plowshares, cultivator shoes, bucket teeth and lips, well drilling bits, cement mixer blades, shovel tracks and screw conveyors.

Use AC or DC+. Preheating is generally not required. Using the weaving technique and keeping a short arc length, deposit up to 1/4” maximum. If more than two passes will be required, it is suggested that a ‘’paddinglayer” of Buildup 300 or Tensileweld be used prior to depositing Hardface 700.

When used in the flat and horizontal positions, this electrode will exhibit a stable arc and produce weld deposits that are very smooth and finely rippled.

Hardness as deposited: RC 58-62

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