Manganese 900

Rockwell C 50-55

Hardsurfacing overlay electrode used for the fabrication and build up of high manganese and alloy steels which are subjected to heavy impact and severe abrasion. This electrode is most commonly used for repairing railroad switches, frogs and tracks, bucket teeth and lips, rock crushers, mill hammers and bulldozer parts.

When the base metal of 13% manganese steel is hardened, cut-off the hardened zone before welding. Welding should be done at the lowest possible temperature. Maintain a short to medium arc length using a slight weaving technique to make the deposit smooth and even. Water or air cool the weld metal during welding. Do not preheat manganese steels. Do not overheat the base metal. Peening is recommended to relieve stresses.

Weld deposits have an austenitic structure and work harden although remaining extremely ductile. Weld deposits are machinable and forgeable.

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