Nickel silver alloy

AWS A5.27 Class RBCuZn-D
AWS A5.8 Class RBCuZn-D
ASME SFA5.27 Class RBCuZn-D
ASME SFA5.8 class RBCuZn-D

Washington Alloy Nickel Silver filler metal contains 10% nickel and is used primarily for brazing or oxyacetylene welding of steel or cast iron where the good color match is desirable. The weld deposits of Washington Alloy Nickel Silver have very high tensile strength, good ductility and excellent corrosion resistance. The weld deposits are machinable and work hard when put into service. For this reason, Nickel Silver is commonly used for building-up or overlaying worn parts such as gear teeth, bearings, and valve seats. It is also used in the matrix of tungsten carbide rods where it acts as a “binder” for the tungsten carbide particles. Excellent for tubular structures. A boric acid or borax flux is required. Preheating may be desired for some applications. A neutral or slightly oxidizing flame is recommended.

*Order as bare or flux-coated.


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