Rainier 5a Copper Based Flux Coated Electrode

AWS A5.6 Class EcuAl-A2
DC Reverse Polarity (Electrode+) Flat and Horizontal Positions
Versatile Copper Base Electrode for Joining and Overlaying
Copper-Brass-Bronze and Dissimilar Metals

Rainier 5A produces strong, dense, ductile, and crack-free weld deposits in so many ferrous and nonferrous combinations of dissimilar metals. Weld deposits are extremely tough and will work hard under compressive loads. Overall – an excellent choice.


Rainier 5A is a flux-coated electrode designed for overlays exposed to frictional wear or corrosive such as saltwater, alkalies, and some acids. Ideal for aluminum bronze, manganese bronze, silicon bronze, bronze to steel, and cast iron. Also used on malleable iron, galvanized iron, stainless steel, and as a build-up on bearing surfaces. Some common applications are: brake drums, hydraulic pistons, tractor gear housings, paper mill rolls, impellers, motor bases, pickling hooks, ship propellers, mixer arms, yokes, press rams, valve seats, bushings, foundry flasks, and bearings.

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