Rainier 6a Copper Based Flux Coated Electrode

AWS A5.6 Class EcuSi
AC-DC Reverse Polarity (Electrode+) All Position
AC/DC All-Purpose Electrode for "Arc Brazing” Cast Iron to Steel

Rainier 6A performs well in any position utilizing AC as well as DC machines. Rainier 6A weld deposits are strong, ductile and crack resistant – even when welding on dirty, oily, burned cast or malleable parts. The high silicon content of this electrode allows it to be used as a welding or brazing electrode.


Rainier 6A flux-coated electrodes are used for welding or building-up silicon bronze as well as other copper alloys. It is an excellent choice for applications involving cast iron to steel or where the part is exposed to corrosives. Rainier 6A is commonly used on bronze impeller, bronze wear plates, hydraulic piston overlays, track wheels, gears, sprockets and quite often farm implements.

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