RMA Rosin Liquid Flux

MIL-F-14256 Type RMA

This Rosin Mildly Activated rosin flux used in electronic soldering applications yielding excellent soldering activity. Common applications may include printed circuit boards, wire leads, cables and may other electronics applications. This light brown liquid consists of water-white rosin with brominated organic activators in a multi-component solvent. It is completely free of chlorides, free acidities, and inorganic cations. The residues are non-corrosive, non-conductive and fungus-free making it idea for items & parts where resides can not be removed.

Physical Data


Light Brown with Alcohol Scent

Soldering Range

340-500°F (175-390°C)

Specific Gravity

0.86 @ 68


7.16 lbs/gallon @68°F (20°C)


Non-corrosive, Non-Conductive

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