SUPERFLOW® White Brazing Flux

AWS A5.31 FB3-A

SUPERFLOW® White Brazing Paste Flux is a general purpose brazing flux used with Silver brazing alloys and Phos-copper alloys such as SUPERFLOW® 45 and SUPERFLOW®15. This creamy white flux is commonly used to join any combinations of copper, brass, steel, bronze and in some cases may be used on stainless steels. It is formulated not to harden or crystallize retaining its smooth creamy texture for a minimum of one year. 


SUPERFLOW® White Brazing Paste Flux may be used in its current form or if needed water may be added to make a thinner consistency. For best results heat the flux indirectly – bring the base metal up to the needed temperature then after the braze cools clean the flux residues using a hot water at about 140° F

Physical Data

Active Temp Range

1050-1600°F (565-870°C)

Form and color

White Creamy Paste

Water content

less than 35%



Specific Gravity


Flash Point


Effects pf Freezing




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