Alloy 67 (ERCuNi)

AWS A5.7 Class ERCuNi
MIL-E-21562 Type MIL-RN67, MIL EN67
ASME SFA5.7, Class ERCuNi
QQ-R-571C MIL-R-19631B Type MIL-RcuNi
MIL-1-23413 (MIL-67)

Washington Alloy 67 is a copper-nickel filler metal used for MIG, TIG, oxyacetylene and submerged arc welding of wrought or cast 70/30, 80/20 and 90/10 copper-nickel to themselves or to each other. Excellent for joining copper-nickel alloys to nickel-copper Alloy 400, R-405, K-500 or high nickel alloy 200. 


Washington Alloy 67 can be used for overlaying on steel, however, a barrier layer of Washington Alloy 61 should be used for the first pass when MIG welding. Washington Alloy 60 should be used for the first pass when submerged arc welding.

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