AL 345 Aluminum Coated Electrode

Aluminum 345 is an extruded aluminum electrode used for low temperature production and maintenance welding of cast and wrought aluminum sheets, plates, castings and extrusions with a thickness of 3/32” or more. Aluminum 345 may be used in any position to produce dense and porosity-free machinable weld deposits. The special flux coating yields a stable arc with low spatter and reduced fuming. Weld deposits cannot be heat treated or anodized. The color match and corrosion resistance of Aluminum 345 weld deposits is excellent. Tensile strength of the weld deposit will be approximately 34,000 psi. Typical applications would include tanks, pipes, some appliances, refrigeration equipment, automobile parts and parts found in the laundry, chemical and food processing industries. Preheat up to 600° F will improve weldability and this rod may also be used as a flux coated brazing torch rod.


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